H.R. 1981, How our Children are being used to create Big Brother

I would ask you all to do a little research on H.R. 1981 and see if you feel as threatened as I do by its possible passage.  I include some informative links.

The Eroticist

What I Really Want!

I think it is important to note here that while it is good and important to express what it is you want, that is not necessarily what it is you need.  This concept will often arise when someone is the …

What I Really Want?

At this unfortunately late stage of my life, I have finally come to the conclusion that if I don’t tell anyone what it is I want, I probably won’t get it.

That seems like a simple concept, but it is …

Where I Be

OK, Self Serving Drivel:  For those interested and local, I will be available for conversation and Demonstrations at AdultCon in Los Angeles all day Saturday.  I will have several forms of tools there including my favorite single tail, and will …

To Be A Gentleman

I am a highly sexual, sadistic, Dominant man.  I am willing and able to engage a consenting, informed, adult partner in extreme forms of sexual activity, and sensation play.  I am willing to engage them in humiliation and embarrassment, I …

THE Reflex

I am a great appreciator of receiving oral sex.  I am an even greater appreciator of a woman who works hard to do it well and…shall we say, “completely“.

Two thirds of the demographic who have attempted to …

It’s Easy

Because it is easy to fall in love we think it is easy to love.

Thinking it easy to love, we think it hard to find the right person.

Thinking it hard to find the right person, when we have …

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